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About The MadClout

Established in Miami in the late 90’s, Mad Clout emerged as an answer to preserving the cultural soul of Hip Hop from the 1980’s. From its inception, the goal of Mad Clout was to headline a tangible movement that captured the essence of the old “fresh,” and embodied a time when b-boys, graffiti artists, rappers and DJ’s held influential roles among their peers. Mad Clout actively

 participates in the execution, documentation, and promotion of “fresh” around the USA, regularly hosting and sponsoring venues where graffiti artists, break dancers, rappers and DJ’s can showcase their talent, compete for prestige and network with peers from various communities around the country.

Mad Clout events have featured prominent artists such as the late, great Iz The Wiz, Web TC5 and Stak TFP. Among countless collaborations with other events, three annual traveling showcases hosted by Mad Clout include ‘I Can’t Live Without My Radio,’ an amassed assortment of vintage radios and graffiti boasting boom boxes individually designed by dozens of artists from around the United States, ‘Steel Wheels’: a collection of railroad inspired art from an international array of artists, and ‘Handstyles,’ an examination of graffiti lettering in its purest form. Mad Clout has exhibited their collections with The National Black Arts Festival, Savannah Urban Arts Festival, Paideia School, The High Museum, The Miami B-Boy Masters Pro Am, Breaklanta, and B-Boy World Evolution – in a total of eleven different cities within the United States, and internationally with Bombs Away in Berlin, Germany. Mad Clout is currently on tour with the Art Beats & Lyrics Show, and has been since 2004, supporting the momentum of the hip hop-centered show since its inception.

‘I Can’t Live Without My Boom Box’ collectively exhibits over 100 vintage and uniquely painted radios embellished by graffiti artists from all over the United States. The 7 year-old assemblage of boom boxes pays homage to the influence of hip hop music from the 1980’s by focusing on the device that served to propagate it. ‘I Can’t Live Without My Boom Box’ successfully forged a home at The Relapse Theater in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently on tour with Gentleman Jack’s Art, Beats + Lyrics show.

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